• On Aug 13, 2018

    On August 15, both Evan and I need God's grace and the Spirit's anointing more than ever before.

  • On Aug 13, 2018

    Found this when I was clearing up my phone. Remembered a "spot-inspiration" line from my message in the Centenary Baptist Church Sunday Evening service from the book of Romans on being unashamed about the Gospel, yesterday, which went this way some-what: "We aren't ashamed to ask for selfies with total strangers, like celebrities or request total strangers to take pictures of us with our smartphones when we are travelling or when we are in some cool place like a mall. But when it comes to sharing the Gospel we are ashamed. We are ashamed because we really haven't understood from the Bible why we need to be witnesses for Jesus....Let's understand those reasons from the book of Romans...." At the end of that message, a small group of youth, committed for full-time ministry. Was overjoyed!

  • On Aug 13, 2018

    Coming up... Sound Doctrine that Pumps Spiritual Adrenaline Bible Study with Duke Jeyaraj on the Doctrine of the Church in a centrally-located place in Hyderabad.... Q & A with Dinner....19 Aug...Sunday....6:30 PM...WhatsApp 8886040605 for more info...pass this invite....Inter-church...Inter-generational...past events have blessed corporate pros, home-makers, senior-citizens and Bible-lovers from various churches....

  • On Aug 11, 2018


    Three Christian Leaders at the "Bishop" Level were kind to give an endorsement for Duke Jeyaraj's ultra-frank Bible Teaching book on wise-life-partner-choice, victory-over-porn, and such hot topics (40 chapters of hot topics) called Straight Talk. Here are those endorsements:

    This generation of youngsters are exposed to so many pleasures of the world that it gets confusing for them to understand the biblical terminologies that relates to their personal life. The sins of this world are only increasing as the easily accessible temptations of the visual world are vast spreading. Young lives can get influenced for the worse by all this. Dr. Duke Jeyaraj clearly talks about these issues in his book, “Straight Talk” with reference to the Bible. As the book is termed, there is no diluted version of the biblical truth here as the author hits each relevant topic head on. Every youngster must read this book as it will impact their life for the better. May God speak to you and help you change your lifestyle and thinking through this book. May we see more books being written and published by you, Dr. Duke Jeyaraj. God bless your ministry in helping the lost find their way to Jesus our Lord and Savior. Blessings.

    – Rev. D. Mohan, General Superintendent – Assemblies of God of India/ Vice Chairman – World Assemblies of God Fellowship/Senior Pastor of New Life Assembly of God, Chennai (via email on 10 April 2018).

    This book makes the Bible relevant and alive in the 21st century with the current events from everyday life pertaining to personalities from sports, politics, history, cine stars, and drawing life application from the scriptures itself. It uses the lingo of the millennials and boldly addresses the difficult subjects which many pastors would hesitate to touch. While it is addressed to the Google generation, it is applicable to men and women of all ages. Some places it uses Q & A style and one almost feels Dr. Duke is having a live conversation with the reader. It is intermingled with a few personal stories that makes the book authentic. While the book reaches the unchurched, It is must for every church especially for the young people.

    - Rev. Stanley Mehta, Overseer & Sr. Pastor Gateway Ministries International (via email on 10 March 2018).

    Edmund Burke, the longtime Member of the British Parliament, once said that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. But I would say that Duke has accepted that challenge and refused to keep silent. He has not sat down doing nothing when he saw that perversion is taking over our societies and is being celebrated and the Godly values of life that the Almighty has given for the blessing of humanity are being eroded. Duke’s life, his preaching and his ongoing writings are impacting thousands of not only young people but all sorts of people. He has certainly dared to be different addressing issues that have been hushed up for a long time. His godly inheritance and a life of passion are bringing thousands closer to the wonderful Saviour who alone can set the captives free. In our Victory Family we always say that if your vision does not become your passion, then it will become your frustration. But Duke’s vision has certainly become his passion. May God use Duke mightily in touching many lives and may God bless “Straight Talk” to bring clarity to the weary souls.

    - Dr. Y. D. Jeyaseelan is the National Leader (President) of the Victory Churches of India as well the Apostolic Leader of Victory Churches International representing India on the International Scenario (Sent via email on March 14, 2018).

    (If you want to buy this book, search Amazon.in for 'Duke Jeyaraj Straight Talk'. Or you can WhatsApp us at +91-8886040605 and we will direct you. This book is available in all Word of Christ stores in India and in OM Books, Medchal, Hyderabad).

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